Renewable Energy from Waste Conference


The Renewable Energy from Waste (REW) Conference has become firmly established as the premier event for this rapidly developing and dynamic waste conversion industry. No other conference delves as deep into the issues or offers the insights that the REW Conference continues to provide each year.

2015 REW Conference Preview
The Renewable Energy from Waste Conference, Nov. 16-19, in Orlando, Florida, combines education, networking and tours to get the most value out of the event.

Attendees have access to:

  • a 1/2-day pre-conference workshop offering strategies and a wealth of information
  • two days of educational sessions with presentations from more than 40 industry experts
  • facility tours showcasing an operational waste conversion system
  • dozens of exhibitors offering the latest technology
  • several networking opportunities



Sessions at the 2015 REW Conference will cover complex subjects and provide real-world advice. Representatives from the waste-to-energy, anaerobic digestion and gasification industry will share their perspectives on their industry segments. Click here for the full agenda.


A pre-conference workshop on public sector planning and implementation of waste conversion projects brought to you by Harvey Gershman, President of Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, and Ric Sapir, partner, Hawkins, Delafield & Wood LLP. Click here to learn more.


A tour of Harvest Power's Energy Garden in Orlando, Florida will be offered on a limited, first come, first served basis. Don't miss out on touring what has been described one of the most innovative anaerobic digestion projects of its kind in North America. This facility provides waste management through its specially engineered design to codigest biosolids with food wastes from local resorts, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, sports arenas, golf courses and the food processing community. The capacity is 130,000 tons per year with 5.4 megawatts of combined heat-and-power (CHP) output. Click here to learn more.

Click the image above to view a video preview of the event.

*Additional fees required to participate

What Attendees Are Saying

"It is nice there is an event that is focused on renewable energy from waste. Our firm does a lot of work in renewable energy broadly and this seems quite unique and is nice to have something so focused on renewable energy from waste in particular. There is a lot of really good, practical real-world experience being shared here, which is phenomenal."
-Sarah Reeve, Stoel Rives LLP

"Local companies and governments that are engaged in traditional technologies are keeping their eyes on the horizon and trying to understand what technologies are about to become commercial and what technologies can work for their communities, and this is a great opportunity for those folks to come together and learn interesting things and really help shape the future of the industry."
-Ted Michaels, President, Energy Recovery Council

"It is a great opportunity for us to be here and looking at different options in what we can do with our waste as far as turning it into energy. It is great to hear from people who are actually doing the things that we are considering doing so I have found it very valuable to have people I can talk to about the options and what we might do."
-Mary Jo McGuire, Ramsey County, Minnesota, Commissioner

"This conference gives us the opportunity not just to hear from great speakers about the wide variety of topics we are studying, but to talk to vendors and learn about specific technologies."
-Zach Hanson, Ramsey County, Minnesota, Environmental Health Director